How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

If you want to keep your skin looking beautiful for a long period of time, staying away from harmful sun rays is an aspect you cannot choose to overlook. In fact, keeping off sun exposure is paramount in case of anti-aging skin care. As a result of the carbon mission that have been taking toll on the atmosphere in the past couple of decades, the ozone layer has become significantly thinner; this has resulted in dangers UV rays and radiations which cause serious effects on the skin. Light skinned people, and those who love basking in the sun are the most affected.

People with light skin are said to be more susceptible to sun damage than those with dark skin; this is the case because their skin lacks melanin. Melanin acts as the first line defense against effects of the sun. It absorbs UV rays from the sun and thereby helps to keep it protected. Let us now look at how you can protect your skin from sun damage.

Stay away from the menacing rays from 10am to 3pm!

The sun is said to be hottest during this period. Therefore, if you can avoid going out at these times, you might just save your skin from lots of negative effects. In case you must go out, you are advised to use a sun block. Even if you don’t tan in the sun, it is still very important that you protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun at all times. Anti-aging skin care should be your major point of concern here.

How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays can result in skin wrinkling, dryness, lost of collagen and elastin and in the worst case scenarios, skin cancer could also be in the offing. It might also be worth noting that sun damage negatively affects the DNA of the skin cells thus resulting in the thickening or thinning of skin during the healing process. When skin cells heal after sun damage, the dead cells peel off and the healing does not come out perfect like it was in the previous case. This is essentially how wrinkles come to be. Cancer could come as a result of the regeneration of dead skin cells.

Some of the main solutions you can use to reverse or repair sun damage include:

– Application of topical treatments such as green tea and vitamin C to protect and even heal the skin from harmful UV rays

– Topical application of Glycolic Acid, Retin A or Lactic acid after the occurrence of sun burns

Also, we suggest that you take multi-vitamins or supplements like omega 3 krill oil, which will help your body recover a little quicker.If you want to lose weight before the summer, you should consider taking natural weight loss supplements like garcinia cambogia pills.

The Top 3 Weight Loss Supplements

As far as weight loss supplements go, consumers have to be very careful to choose brands that work and brands that are safe for consumption. This is because the market if fraught with supplements that not only don’t work but that can also cause serious side effects. So far, there are some brands that have been researched and proven to work. They are also safe. Here are 3 of them.

1. Garcinia Cambogia

This is one of the most effective weight loss supplements in the market. In fact, in the Forbes list of effective supplements, it is listed first. It contains hydroxycitric acid or HCA which works both to reduce appetite and reduce fat absorption as food is digested. Garcinia cambogia is found in some parts of India and a few other countries in the Asian subcontinent. So long as you buy the pure forms of this supplement, you should experience a lot of weight loss. It is so potent that you should not take it for more than 3 months. Afterwards, you are advised to stick to a good diet and exercise to maintain your new weight. Because it is all natural, garcinia cambogia pills have no side effects. That said, there are some brands that are fake and that result in side effects.

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2. Chitosan

It may sound a little disgusting but it is highly effective for weight loss. It is made from the shells of some crustaceans and insects. It is great for those who are looking to lose weight and also reduce cholesterol levels. It works by reducing absorption of fat during the digestion process. It is very effective and it is recommended that once you reach your desired weight, you stop taking it and stick to exercise and a good diet. Because it is all natural it doesn’t cause any side effects.

3. Whey protein

In the past, whey was associated with body builders; they took it in order to build muscles. As it turns out, it also reduces the appetite ensuring that you eat less food than you normally would. The body is forced to burn the fat that it has already stored which means more and more fat is burned.

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These are 3 supplements that you can rely on to help you lose weight effectively and without putting yourself in any kind of danger. Remember, there will always be people who make fakes so choose brands very carefully. If you want to lose weight without taking weight loss supplements, you should do some physical exercise. Read this Insanity workout review to learn more about the most popular workout program in the US.

How to bypass country restrictions on any site

There are a plethora of websites on the internet today. Most of these websites are open for all to visit and browse but there are some which are restricted to certain geographical locations. For instance, when you are browsing the web, you might come across websites that are only limited to the United States and Canada or any other part of the world. If you wanted to visit some of these websites, you might have to encounter many hurdles in the process. That is why you have to find some means through which you can bypass country restrictions on these websites.

Considering the fact that technology has been advancing pretty fast in recent times, there are many options that you can go for if you want to bypass restrictions. Some of these methods might work for some websites and not for others. That is why when you are choosing a bypass option, you have to make sure that it is effective and that it can help you to bypass any sort of a website whether it is a government site or any other site for that matter.

The use of a Virtual Private Network

The best way to bypass country restrictions on the internet today is through the use of a virtual private network. As much as most VPNs are quite costly, they offer a high level of efficacy and effectiveness. You also need to understand that, just as the term suggests, a VPN allows you to browse the internet anonymously. Therefore, when you are using a VPN service, no one will know or track the websites that you will be visiting when you are browsing the internet. You will also be able to achieve the best out of the use of the internet. This is especially the case in countries where internet censorship is currently at a high level.

Which is the best VPN to use?

There are many VPN providers on the internet today. Most of them will cost you some money to get. There are others which are free but they are normally not very effective. That is why when you are choosing a VPN provider you have to make sure that you are getting the best. HideMyAss is the best VPN provider that you should settle for today. With its use, you are pretty sure that you will get the best at the end of the process. It allows you to browse the web with a high level of anonymity while also ensuring that you can easily access geographically restricted websites. For example, if you are in France and want to watch TV but can’t because of geo-restrictions, you can use HideMyAss and virtually connect from the country of your choice. For more information, visit: